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butler eagle
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Paper was shocking

The Butler Eagle of Nov. 21 was absolutely appalling to me.
I live at the amazing place called Concordia. The Eagle of that day had to be laid on the hall carpet due to its weight and size.
When I first saw it, I sort of froze. After lugging it indoors, I just gazed again. Had I completely lost it, or what is going on in our beloved U.S.A., Butler County, corner of the world?
The day in question was the day before Thanksgiving, with Black Friday obviously solidly in place.
Then I remembered thinking, since I wasn’t due at a family gathering until midafternoon, perhaps I too would stop at two of the stores listed with openings that morning.
Well, that didn’t take place, and I’m so glad.
My thinking is that the Eagle has to make a profit to stay in business. Meanwhile, everyone knows our economy needs a big boost or plenty of miracles to stay afloat.That means personnel to staff the stores, giving them a paycheck, and bringing profit to every store involved.
I don’t think it is wrong to “shop ‘til you drop.” I do accept family traditions and the bonding that they bring. Plus, many real good bargains are found.
But how many trees had to be cut down to supply just this paper?
The biggest question I ask was the one spoken at chapel a few hours later. All of us were happy to have a day off, getting together and eating a bountiful, delicious feast. So, we do give thanks to someone.
But how do we give, reflect and give praise if we don’t even know the One who truly is the source of all good and wonderful gifts?
This is our wonderful Lord.

Dorothy A. Carlson
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