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Project not cure-all

I applaud the Butler Redevelopment Authority and city leaders — and, if they’ve had any involvement, the county commissioners — who are making the Centre City project a reality.
This is exactly what Butler has been missing.
Might I suggest that, once the project is completed, Chelynne Curci, Butler’s Main Street manager, lead a walking tour of our fair city.
Special attention should be given to the diversity of stores along Main Street, the new county prison that has been housing state prisoners, and our methadone clinic.
Move on to the city’s swimming pool, which has been closed for a number of years because the city can’t afford the needed repairs.
There could be a meet-and-greet with the new police K-9 officers that the city couldn’t afford before businessman Denny Offstein offered a $10,000 interest-free loan and public donations poured in.
Curci could point out the fancy new bicycle route signs that were erected so the Tour de France does not end up on the part of Alameda Park Road that was shut down because the county couldn’t afford to repair it.
The Centre City project is a lot like putting pearls on a pig. After showing our guests the closed anchor stores at Pullman Square and at the Point Plaza in Butler Township, the tour could end with a pep rally at the site where Pullman Standard used to be.

Eric Haley
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