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Butler Eagle Online Movie Reviews | April 25, 2015
Russell Crowe’s ‘Diviner’ a robust, assured war tale
LOS ANGELES — Making his directorial debut with the brawny and big-hearted Australian war drama “The Water Diviner,” Russell Crowe taps a deep well of symbolism, cultural empathy and good old-fashioned storytelling.
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Movie Reviews | April 25, 2015
‘Adaline’ is a love story for the ages
Hollywood long ago ceded “love that stands the test of time” to the realm of science fiction and fantasy, so “The Age of Adaline” falls neatly into a genre that includes “The Time Traveler’s Wife,” “About Time,” and even “Somewhere in Time.”
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April 25, 2015
Moons make Jupiter fine sight to see
Galileo used to view them
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