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Published November 24, 2014

Jeffrey Christy to Jon and Shannon Langer at 405 Arbor Drive for $340,000.
David Mori to Adam and Nicole Hillman at 106 Brighton Lane for $315,000.
David Melniczek to Eric and Briana Ramsey at 138 Brighton Lane for $365,000.
Betty Lou Hill Revocable Trust to Valerie Danner at 1141 Cobblestone Lane for $245,000.
Timothy Butler to Juergen and Jennifer Lanthaler at 110 Hidden Oak Drive for $460,000.
Mark Tina to Cartus Financial Corp. at 811 Huron Court for $497,500.
John Ruffner to John and Bertha Wills at 120 Schultz Road for $204,000.
Fulton Dev Co. to NVR at 401 Southwick Court for $112,732.
Richard Francart to Charles Twait at 107 Briarwood Drive for $295,000.
Jeffrey Parker to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. at 106 Mohawk Drive for $1,509 by sheriff’s deed.
Edward Bicker to Ronald and Jo Jean Rukas at 608 S. Pike Road for $99,500.
Thomas Kinlough to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. at 400 Second St. for $1,415 by sheriff’s deed.
Victor Forsythe to Bank America NA at 114 Fourth Ave. for $1,237 by sheriff’s deed.
Dennis Randolph to US Bank NA trustee at 220 Fifth Ave. for $1,333 by sheriff’s deed.
Steven Ashbaugh to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 629 Center Ave. for $1,575 by sheriff’s deed.
Alex Speer to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. at 224-226 Franklin St. for $1,573 by sheriff’s deed.
Estate of Milroy Waggett to David Smith Jr. at 323 Pleasantview Ave. for $70,000.
Jessica Hutchison to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 405 W. Brady St. for $1,377 by sheriff’s deed.
Paricia Foringer to Rickie Leroy Cartwright at 309 W. Pearl St. for $122,000.
Bobbie Jean Vance to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 117 Whippo Ave. for $1,818 by sheriff’s deed.
George Martsolf to Sarah Murtha and Loral McCann at 120 Boyd Drive for $93,000.
Bonnie Wilson to Robert Polito III and Deane Polito at 111 Crosslands Road for $145,000.
Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Rock Solid Rentals at 229 E. Rockenstein Ave. for $45,000.
Carrie Semanco to Wesley and Kathleen Anslinger at 107 Jarrett Ave. for $189,000.
John Costa III to Northwest Savings Bank at 132 Maple Grove Road for $1,701 by sheriff’s deed.
Eric Grenci to Michael Anthony and Ery Barczak at 109 Muntz Ave. for $92,000.
Estate of Victoria Malvarose to Bank New York Mellon at 354 Old Plank Road Route 8 for $65,000 by sheriff’s deed.
Allen McClymonds to Beneficial Mortgage Co. Pennsylvania at 448 Whitestown Road for $6,536 by sheriff’s deed.
Henry Walborn Jr. to Jessica Ehredt at 129 Wilkes Ave. for $75,000.
Alvin Pieri to Eric and Carly Grenci at 117 Williams Road for $173,000.
Wyncrest Development to Alex and Debra Giocondo at 206 Wyncrest Drive for $293,400.
Theresa Gold to James Brucker Jr. at 100 Fairlawn Drive for $140,000.
Diann DeAngelis to Bryan Costanzo at 452 Holyoke Road for $249,900.
Rosemary Simpson to Gregory Tebay at T424 NE of for $22,000.
Eric Hindman to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 119 Hilliard Ave. for $10,000 by sheriff’s deed.
Clearfield Acres to Lee and Anne Ambrose at 128 McLafferty Road for $285,000.
Mark Stonebraker to John Schnur Jr. and Valrie Schnur at 3202 N. Osche Road for $135,000.
Knoch Farms Development to Raymond Weyl at 1064 Carriage Lane for $239,979.
Jesse Duff to Michael and Megan Mlikan at 302 Freeport St. for $184,999.
Stanley Lesser et al. to Howard and Gloria Lamont at 809 Hooker Road for $9,000.
Brian Dupper to Andrew Sandherr at 5047 Bear Run Road for $205,000.
Bruce Powell to Patrick Lutz at 504 Cathys Court for $405,700.
Glenn William Pew to James and Natalie Brahm at 403 Columbine Court for $285,000.
Lee Walter August to HSBC Bank USA NA trustee at 508 Creekside Court for $1,736 by sheriff’s deed.
Whitney Blankenberg to Ashley DePace and Cammeron Flickinger at 104 Gable Road for $175,000.
Roger Musser to Svaram Rajagopalan and Rukmani Selliah at 617 Golden Ridge Court for $311,000.
James Sorace to PNC Bank NA at 311 Green Fields Drive for $1,688 by sheriff’s deed.
Valerie Danner to Keith and Mary Ann Knecht at 74 Monmouth Drive for $159,000.
Bellevue Park Partn. to Trostle Span Family Revocable Living Trust at 505 Paddington Lane for $421,612.
Richard Gibson to Todd Slobodnyak and Janelle Grasso at 322 Parkwood Drive for $140,000.
David Stinson to GRSW Real Estate Trust at 433 Settlers Village Circle for $425,000.
GRSW Real Estate Trust to Devin and Kristi Woods at 433 Settlers Village Circle for $425,000.
Michael Hall to Kim Mills at 750 Sunset Circle for $230,000.
Lloyd Stover to David Brian and Jodi Lynn Vanleer at 170 Village Drive for $402,000.
Bellevue Park Partn. to Justin and Noelle Weaver at 399 Wealdstone Road for $415,990.
Omar Ifft to Pamela Krosel at 136 Pioneer Road for $105,000.
Sara Michael to Benjamin Pyle at 118 S. Fairview Main St. for $52,000.
Paul Wagner to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee at 140 Sunbury Road for $1,536 by sheriff’s deed.
Jeffrey Iman to Jeffery and Angela Platt at 340 Old Route 68 for $307,000.
Lucille Bollinger to Guy Mercer Jr. and Rhonda Mercer at 101 Acton Lane for $60,000.
Larry Sarvey to Robert and Beverly Walker at 622 Unionville Road for $300,500.
Robert Kuhn to James and Ann John at 320 German St. for $62,000.
Matthew Neal Notdurft to Nicholas and Sharon Mesisca at 112 Jackson St. for $192,000.
Estate of Andrew Arthur Nye to Gary and Deborah Hofstetter at 200 N. Pittsburgh St. for $180,000.
Michael Johnson to Ryan Fennick at 291 Lindsay Road for $250,000.
Ridgeline Properties to Richard Osborne Jr. and Hannah Osborne at 188 Blackberry Hill Lane for $250,000.
Pamela Davis to Bank America NA at 196 Burtner Road for $10,000 by sheriff’s deed.
Robert Serafini to Wendell Family Trust at 495 Great Belt Road for $162,000.
David Rzepinski to Keith and Diane Frndak at 551 N. Pike Road for $175,000.
George Treich to HSBC Bank USA NA trustee at 725 N. Pike Road for $10,000 by sheriff’s deed.
Marie Olszewski to Dylan Leslie at 124 Smith Road for $300,000.
Richard Steele to Don Stiefel at 153 Petrolia St. for $39,900.
Colin Baldwin Jr. to James and Hope Hendrickson at 141 Liberty Road for $440,000.
Christie Larson to Andrew and Holly McCoy at 119 Ethan Hill Drive for $85,000.
Estate of Robert Lindner to Shane and Sarah Louise Frampton at 316 Frampton Road for $123,000.
NVR to Robert Gentile at 2040 Blackberry Lane for $371,555.
Federal National Mortgage Assn. to KML Law Group at 844 Pittsburgh Road for $55,000.
Sandy Hill Estates Mobile Home Park to Tricia Lee Gizienski trustee at Sandy Hill Road for $2,102,235.
William Adams to Eileen Adams at 105 Sloan Lane for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $41,375).
Derek O’Donnell to Robert and Bonnie Gray at 1032 Bonniebrook Road for $245,000.
Harry McCullough to Gerald Rodgers Jr. and Kimmberly Rodgers at Davis Road for $2,500.
Estate of Sally Ann Moore to C&D Land at Eyth Road T592 for $100,000.
John Bartley to Brian and Kristen Miklavic at Old Plank Road for $50,000.
Ronald Sloniger to Devin Smith at 110 Rustique Lane for $129,000.
Anna Brick to Gary and Barbara Henry at 507 Wilshire Circle for $249,000.
Estate of Margaret Daum to Robert Paraska and Donald Schultzaberger at Creek Road for $3,000.
David Hirtz to Andrew Zlacki at 431 Bonniebrook Road for $132,500.
Vincent Santus to Christopher and Lisa Laird at 798 Bonniebrook Road for $160,001.
Estate of Penny Elaine Cypher to John Bicker at 606 Bicker Road for $54,000.
Joseph Campbell to William Garrett Brunken and Alexandra Von McNeill at 1002 W. Park Road for $80,000.
Thomas Prunty to Valissa Mignanelli at 323 Grandview Ave. for $185,900.
US Bank NA trustee to Jon and Christine Verba at 201 Hazel St. for $168,500.
Loretta Stroup to Christopher Schott at 403 S. Green Lane for $177,610.
Angela Hall to Deborah Miller at 214 Terrace Ave. for $189,900.
Real estate transactions are provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. If you think any part of a listing is incorrect, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or You also should contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340.
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