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Published August 25, 2014

Jay Lamond to Robert Roussey at 1503 Appleridge Court for $365,500.
Gary Braun to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee at 1061 Bomar Court for $265,000 by sheriff's deed.
Tracy Malloy to Keith and Janine Yager at 299 Broadstone Drive for $245,000.
Joshua Crawford to Craig and Brittany Hartle at 6992 Crider Road for $299,000.
Jonathan Lozosky to Stephanie Moser at 654 E. Village Green Blvd. for $224,000.
Robert Roussey to John and Janet Rocchi at 3042 Edelweiss Court for $530,000.
Kristie Polk to Jeff and Rachel Miller at 225 Morning Grove Lane for $475,000.
GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust to Heather Hammerbeck at 189 Southern Valley Court for $250,000.
Duane Dufford to Paul and Michele Bobko at 685 Valencia Road for $370,000.
Richard Lowers et al. to Bruce Lowers et al. and Roberta Lowers at LR 10083 for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $9,700).
John Krisiak to Stacey Bennett at 107 McIntyre Lane for $144,900.
Veterans Administration to Benjamin Greiner at 105 Stepp Road for $106,000.
Robert Lambing to Albert and Jennifer Fogle at 114 Stratford Drive for $369,900.
Thomas Lehnerd to Vicki Reidenbach and George Stiles IV at 212 Second St. for $15,500 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $83,140) by sheriff's deed.
Joseph Spring to Cody McGuire and Whitney Kerr at 325 Third St. for $53,100.
Estate of Dolores Vissari to Vissari Properties at 101-101 1/2 Cross St. for $25,000.
Violet DeMatteis to Christopher Thomas at 223 1/2 McClain Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $25,000).
Louis DiMaria to Bert Barnes at 319 W. Brady St. for $55,500.
Estate of Dolores Vissari to Vissari Properties at 300 Walker Ave. for $25,000.
John Rocchi to John and Barbara Stoehr at 203 Bridle Path Drive for $440,000.
Westwood Enterprises to Hometown Select Mortgage at 389 Evans City Road for $325,000.
Robert Hromack to Jeffrey and Jeannine Sable at 109 Rembrandt Road for $175,500.
Terrence Lonchena to Catherine Phimmasone at 307 Stoneridge Blvd. for $142,000.
Daniel Santoro to Adam and Ashley Benjamin at 110 Dakota Drive for $265,000.
Estate of Bette McAnany to Jacqueline Barron at 114 Mayfield Ave. for $107,000.
Mary Arlene Hindman to Clint and Kourtney Walker at 142-144 Shanor Heights for $195,000.
Janice Ann Irwin to Jody and Brandon Garvey at 116 Irwin Road for $90,000.
Norman White Jr. to Robert and Mary Siegel at 132 Albin Road for $270,000.
Estate of Lilian Bloom to Candie Ziegler at Cherry Blossom Drive for $6,000.
Estate of Ronald Kaltenbaugh to Michael Keith at 184 Stevenson Road for $180,000.
Park Place Development Assoc. to NVR at unknown address for $193,433.
Paul Delibert to Charles Kozora and Stacie Abraham at 202 D'Orsay Valley Drive for $512,000.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic to Robert and Elizabeth French at 145 Dorsch Drive for $305,050.
SCI Development Co. to NVR at Franklin Road for $130,000.
Chad Coblitz to Andrew and Jacqueline Barkus at 833 Glendale Court for $229,000.
Matthew Dragovits to Brian and Kathleen Turner at 101 Hazelwood Drive for $319,000.
NVR to Joseph Fouche at 409 Hidden Meadow Drive for $535,000.
Hamilton Heights Development Co. to J. Heintz Builders at Kingston Avenue for $159,900.
David Moniot to Scott and Kelly Minder at 155 Kingston Ave. for $820,000.
Jason Kozlowski to Loutfy Louies and Louiza Aziz at 317 Laporte Court for $122,600.
Michael Truax to Samuel Lanzino and Shelley Magusiak at 716 Little Creek Lane for $324,900.
Howard Thornsberry to David and Christy McCandless at 403 Lundy Court for $335,000.
Level 2 Development Corp. to Daniel A. Marks Inc. at Pemberley Drive for $155,000.
21 Stockton Ridge to Benjamin Sieminski at 324 Stockton Ridge for $170,000.
Stephan Todd to Grace Smith at 1104 Wealdstone Road for $284,900.
Kevin Killian to Jason and Alana Jensen at 823 Windgate Drive for $264,500.
Ruth Rea to Rosemarie Boyd at 118 Pioneer Road for $25,000.
Bryan Bricker to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 148 S. Fairview Main St. for $2,095 by sheriff's deed.
William Hiles to William Snyder Jr. and Nichole Snyder at 222 Spruce Drive for $168,000.
Bank America NA to Shawn Kozar at 202 St. Johns School Road for $47,080.
Gerald Jesteadt to Raymond and Jennifer Alvarado at 227 Grindel Road for $356,300.
B. Scott Seidler to Michael Bupp and Deborah Alley at 217 Pflugh Road for $50,000.
Estate of Helen Varrasso to Victoria Baird at 184 Woodhawk Lane for $220,000.
Philip Tokar to Edward and Bbette Sommers at 318 Church St. for $127,500.
Charles Ertzberger III to Mark Homison Jr. and Lynn Homison at 110 CLE Lane for $199,000.
Shawn Schexnaildre to Ryan and Sarah Rumbaugh at 228 Kaufman Road for $361,500.
Joseph Palmer to Andrew and Dorothy Moore at 100 Douglas Drive for $350,000.
Blackberry Assoc. to NVR at 2040 Blackberry Lane for $77,474.
Gail Braunger to Sean Rourke at 308 Court Drive for $127,000.
Judith Manjerovic to Patricia Roth at 171 Davis Road for $296,000.
Gerald Gasparin et al. to Anna Haney at 876 Pittsburgh Road for $130,000.
Robert Maringo Jr. to John Vitovsky at 211 Country Club Road for $199,000.
Joseph Yusko to Danny Dietrich at 125 Garland Lane for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,223).
Danny Dietrich to Joseph Yusko at 137 Garland Lane for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $2,223).
Linda Cooper to Michael and Doreen Newman at 215 Fisher Road for $93,500 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $136,492) by sheriff's deed.
Nick Colovos to Brian and Megan Ashead at 546 Dorchester Drive for $462,000.
Bank New York Mellon to Keith Eighmey at 165 Bradman Estate for $189,900.
Annie Carper to Clifford Mellott at 335 Harmony Road for $137,500.
Estate of Matthew McCabe to Robert Spreng Jr. and Kristy Spreng at 253 Jones Road for $200,000.
Thomas Lasky to Michael and Kimberly Everly at 385 N. Pike Road for $195,000.
Matthew Parker et al. to Justin and Heather Lee at 56 Marion Drive for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $39,477).
James Mangus to Randall and Alicia Donatelli at 110 Pine St. for $108,000.
Real estate transactions are provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. If any part of a listing is incorrect, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or You also should contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340.
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