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Published September 15, 2014

Richard Folke to Michael and Dena Koenig at 1669 Chapel Ridge Lane for $992,500.
Troy Demaster to Robert Angoff Jr. and Monica Angoff at 256 Cliffside Drive for $428,000.
Three Rivers Custom Builders LLC to Matthew and Marianne Streams at 158 Hammond Road for $440,000.
Matthew Sucy to All Relocation Services Ltd. at 1204 Joshua Court for $519,000.
All Relocation Services Ltd. to Megan Carlini at 1204 Joshua Court for $519,000.
NVR Inc. to Scott and Michelle Moravek at 206 Ledgerock Lane for $394,232.
Robert Angoff Jr. to Drew Degentesh at 741 Norwegian Spruce Drive for $234,500.
Far View Farms Development LLC to NVR Inc. at 217 Shadow Rock Lane for $85,000.
David Bernardini to Ka Chung Lau and Anne Wu at 150 Southern Valley Court for $207,000.
Greg Jockel to Blair and Heather Gerlach at 118 Winfield Manor Drive for $455,000.
UFP Eastern Division Inc. to Consolidated Builders LLP at 3778 Oneida Valley Road for $1,000,000.
Estate of Betty Kuhn to Mark and Carolyn Bowser at 331 Freeport Road for $100,500.
Estate of Carol Wichrowski to Buffalo 7 LLC at Route 28 for $51,500.
Frank Fusca to Robert and Patricia Schnur trustee at 414 E. Brady St. for $20,000.
Douglas Noullet to Rick and Karen Haswell at 405 Eau Claire St. for $100,000.
US Bank NA ND to Jitendra Panchal at 360 Michael Ave. for $7,000.
Veterans Administration to PJS International LLC at 112 Summit St. for $18,000.
Estate of Jack Rice to Christian and Tamsen Watson at W. Diamond St. for $16,000.
N. Joan Angert to Sandra Glover at 198 W. Fulton St. for $168,000.
Bank New York Mellon to Conrad Rentals LLC at 312 W. Penn St. for $28,500.
Thomas Palla to Derek Patton Ritenour at 128 Barrickman Drive for $180,000.
Samuel Terlizzi to Adam McCandless at 144 Dutchtown Road for $207,000.
Ryan Bradley to Justin and Leah Reese at 225 E. Metzger Ave. for $125,000.
Eugene Widenhofer to Ryan Tuck at 115 Evans City Road for $125,000.
Lambert Rosenbaum to Adam and Rachel Dzagulones at 128 Fontana St. for $214,500.
Gary Mix to Thomas Palla at 108 Halifax Lane for $132,500.
Craig Hartle to John Sklarsky at 131 Irene Drive for $136,500.
Charles William Pfeffer III to Samuel Fazzino Jr. at 302 Kohler Ave. for $86,000.
Beverly Bowser to Patrick and Kaitlyn McIntyre at 116 September Drive for $215,000.
Robert Ficca to Rashelle and Scott Maderitz at 414 Cherokee Drive for $232,000.
Nicholas Fleischer to Richard Timmerman IV and Kimberly Timmerman at 103 Daum Lane for $179,900.
L. Michael Winship to Mark Kradel at 104 Iroquois Drive for $190,000.
Dale Wells Jr. to John Rhodaberger at 1629 E. Route 422 for $180,000.
Kenneth Lavoie Jr. to Donald and Judith Lafaber at 100 Riviera Court for $327,500.
Sonoma Valley Partners L.P. to Robert Maringo Jr. and Geraldine Maringo at 2022 Sonoma Valley Drive for $229,900.
Mary Ehrenberger to Kristen Leigh Cully at 826 Whitestown Road for $510,000.
Derek Wimmer to Russell Nellis at 569 Brandywine Drive for $158,000.
NVR Inc. to Andrew Perrotto at 101 Castle Brook Drive for $551,698.
Francis Drew to Ryan and Amanda Andrus at 335 Cottingham Circle for $385,000.
Dominic Riccardi to Kevin and Amy Rossi at 412 Deerfield Drive for $245,000.
Sci Development Co. Inc. to NVR Inc. at Franklin Road for $130,000.
Michael Robbins to Dianna Herbolich at 338 Green Court for $279,000.
Frank Bauer to Jaran Ellermeyer at 215 Greenwood Drive for $170,000.
Hamilton Heights Development Co. Inc. to J Heintz Builders at Kingston Ave. for $169,900.
Rodney Moore to Kevin Schreiber trustee at 9232 Marshall Road for $304,000.
Kevin Schreiber trustee to Justin and Jamie Fiore at 9232 Marshall Road for $300,000.
Lynn Howard to Relocation Horizons Inc. at 141 Pinehurst Drive for $511,400.
Relocation Horizons Inc. to Timothy and Joan Carter at 141 Pinehurst Drive for $511,400.
Anthony Mollica to Chris and Keir Barbe at 706 Rustic Ridge Drive for $565,000.
Beth Ritchey to National Residential Nominee Services In at 236 St. Leonards Lane for $377,000.
National Residential Nominee Services In to Erin Schaffner and Brian Williams at 236 St. Leonards Lane for $377,000.
Matthew Bazzani to Jeffrey Deluca at 637 Sarah Court for $154,000.
Timothy Hutsko to Troy and Angie Demaster at 318 Springfield Drive for $580,000.
Aaron Tucker to Cartus Financial Corp. at 101 Stonefield Drive for $350,000.
Cartus Financial Corp. to David and Shannon Zolkowski at 101 Stonefield Drive for $350,000.
Donald Whigham to Catherine and Stephen Vandermer at 621 Warwick Lane for $325,000.
Frank Sklarski et al. to 131 Wisconsin Ave LLC at 131 Wisconsin Ave. for $500,000.
Michael Corcoran to Paul and Angela Rebovich at 432 Woodcock Drive for $240,000.
Donald Wiseman Jr. to Robert and Anita Shaheen at 305 Woodmont Drive for $460,000.
Mary Beatty to Hunter Realty Partners LLC at S. Washington St. for $15,000.
James McKeever to Wolfdancer Rental Properties LLC at 310-312 E. Main St. for $180,000.
Reibold Assoc. Inc. to Maronda Homes Inc. at Naughton Circle for $45,000.
Maronda Homes Inc. to Daniel and M Jeannie Caffro at 107 Naughton Circle for $254,506.
Maronda Homes Inc. to Christine Guthrie at 114 Naughton Circle for $280,402.
Maronda Homes Inc. to Mark Johnson Jr. and Maegan Johnson at 145 Naughton Circle for $311,348.
Maronda Homes Inc. to Kyle and Katherine Loveless at 156 Naughton Circle for $244,409.
Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. to Todd and Lisa Price at 110 General Court for $367,620.
Maronda Homes Inc. to Roger Vigus Jr. and Michelle Vigus at 109 Hermitage Court for $326,785.
Keith Web to Corporation Presiding Bishop Church Jesu at 402 Lindsay Road for $331,500.
Tollgate Assoc. LLC to Dan Ryan Builders Mid Atlantic Inc. at 206 Old Hickory Road for $203,700.
John Tomasic to Matthew Groznik and Maurissa D’Angelo at 303 Wise Road for $305,000.
Glenn Macurdy to Joseph and Susan Kubit at 214 Hannahstown Road for $255,000.
James D Miller & Sons Construction Inc. to Glenn and Darlene Macurdy at 234 Stoneybrook Drive for $245,000.
David Babilya to Harry John Klotz III and Sheila Ann Klotz at 122 Waddell Lane for $205,000.
Blackberry Assoc. L.P. to NVR Inc. at Blackberry Lane for $77,474.
NVR Inc. to Stephen and Amy Brown at 2061 Blackberry Lane for $320,110.
NVR Inc. to Justin Neidigh and Meghann Elizabeth Sowko at 5005 Blue Heron Court for $405,810.
Floyd Logan Mahan to William and Catherine McElroy at 721 Deer Creek Road for $150,000.
Christopher Kaclik to Brendan and Michele Mannella at 280 Forsythe Road for $1,200,000.
Randall Johns to William and Crystal Kelly at 221 Rocks Road for $95,000.
Bethany Turner to Bret O’Donnell at 997 Meridian Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $98,837).
Charles Schellhaas to Christopher and Kristina Adler at 255 Royal Oak Drive for $384,000.
Kathryn Whitacre to James and Sally Moreno at 302 Evergreen Court for $76,000.
Omega Properties Inc. to Saxonburg DPP IX LLC at Main St. for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $363,935).
Clarence Cox to Kendal Simmons at S. Water St. for $107,400.
John Vakiner to Michael David Ludwiczak at 119 Hillvue Drive for $145,000.
Matthew Myers to Rakesh Rathod at 219 Hillvue Drive for $195,000.
David Walters to Adam and Erica Zajac at 278 Maple St. for $175,000.
Erin Bluedorn to Laura and Michael Gaston at 217 Normal Ave. for $155,000.
Spagnolo Properties L.P. to Richard and Laura Carlantonio at 119 Sassafrass Drive for $339,000.
Jared Matthews to LDP LLC at Route 8 for $100,000.
Gregory Schnur to Ross and Megan Wells at 421 Protzman Road for $234,000.
Joseph Kropf Jr. to Wade and Amanda Potsubay at Pisor Cemetery Road for $70,000.
Lydia Book to Robert and Janet McGowan at 646 W. Liberty Road for $15,000.
William Guth to Marian Barkley at 200 E. Northview Drive for $222,000.
Real estate transactions are provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. If any part of a listing is incorrect, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or You also should contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340.
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