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Published July 21, 2014

Adams Pointe 3 to NVR at unknown address for $270,000.
Deklewa Homes Adams Realty to Carol Torsell at 3201 Ambassador Drive for $305,583.
Peggy Wright to Bryan and Antoinette Wilson at 710 Braddock Court for $458,000.
Brett Shebish to Kellen and Donabel McGee at 229 Broadstone Drive for $265,000.
NVR to Darren Brash and Marie Listori at 163 Camp Trees Road for $659,990.
P. Thomas Rothrauff to Henry Howard Sandner Jr. and Joy Sandner at 1103 Cobblestone Lane for $298,000.
James Stapel to John and Ruth Roach at 1122 Lillyvue Court for $480,000.
Yvonne Titus to William and Jeannette Smith at Mars-Evans City Road for $30,000.
Gregory Puhalla to Timothy Austin and Megan Overby at 2000 Old Orchard Place for $818,000.
Brennan Builders to Linda Puhalla at 1304 Shinnecock Court for $513,785.
Kimberly Martini et al. to Thomas Beckes at 132 Southern Valley Court for $228,700.
Nicholas Newcaster to Andrew Austin and Natalie Cannon Nuttall at 814 Strasburg Drive for $250,000.
Brennan Builders to Christopher and Cynthia Daly at 804 Torrey Pine Drive for $422,610.
NVR to Angela and Jonathan Alridge at 107 Wilkerham Drive for $440,386.
Estate of Andrew Chenzoff to Whitetail Woodland Properties at 123 Woodford Drive for $249,100.
F&H Property Devopment to Stephen and Beverly Rummel at N. Sarver Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $5,113).
Dane Aveard to PJS International at 408 Second St. for $3,500.
Risch Building to Michael and Karen Burgoon at 118 Third Ave. for $21,375.
Jonathan Lex to Tara Hackwelder et al. and Jeffrey Bly at 217 Cecelia St. for $124,500.
Angela Maksanty to Jessica Simons at 113 Clinton Ave. for $116,500.
William Northime Jr. to Randy Ruediger at 322 E. Locust St. for $45,000.
John Grenci to Melvin and Marcella McChesney at Lincoln Avenue for $40,000.
Lori Osgood to Samuel and Karen Egan at 435 Miller Ave. for $70,000.
Estate of John Dick to Tammy Seybert at 456 N. Chestnut St. for $50,000.
Charles Thomas to Terry and Michelle Sullivan at 303 Negley Ave. for $12,595.
John Eric Negley to Jitendra Panchal at 237 Roosevelt Blvd. for $35,000.
Christopher Schneider to Daniel Gitzen at 405 W. North St. for $23,000.
Kenneth Perkins Jr. to Daniel Allen and Amy Hanuscak at Campbell Avenue for $119,000.
Paul Sylves to Michael and Annie Pitschman at 172 Dutchtown Road for $236,000.
Douglas Swigart to Michael and Jennifer Swigart at 138 Greenwood Drive for $137,000.
Jeffrey Peterson to Michael and Jayme Crocker at 4122 Loring St. for $156,000.
Robert Halahurich to Nicholas and Natalie Eves at 323 Main St. for $76,000.
Timothy Brown to Kelsey Hagelgans at 146 Orchard Ave. for $125,000.
Joseph Yingling trustee to Joel and Cynthia Rishel at 231 Pittsburgh Road Route 8 for $154,900.
Cindy Davis to Brian Breth and Ann Dutko Breth at 103 Rittswood Drive for $173,000.
Linda Homa et al. to Justan and Jamie Moody at 324 S. Duffy Road for $209,900.
Edward Unks to Jeffry Thompson at 229F Whitestown Village for $71,500.
Richard Cotter to Matthew Glotfelty and Jessica Biddle at 107 Windmill Road for $215,000.
Robert Warheit to Alexandra Christine Froats at 852 Mercer Road for $139,900.
Melvin Hemphill to Chad and Adriane Hassler at Saxonburg Boulevard for $169,900.
Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Derek and Carissa Stewart at 719 Seven Hills Road for $20,000.
Michael Allen Kopps to Wilber and Joan Montgomery at Dick Road for $18,000.
Craig Hladik to Jeffrey and Maura Peterson at 103 Mirage Court for $325,000.
Kimberly Dye to Katelyn Ewald and Nicholas Grabski at 310 Orial Court for $420,000.
Denise Irene Dischman to Richard Grecco at Pheasant Drive for $1,500.
Sonoma Valley Partn. to Laurie Eytel at 2053 Sonoma Valley Drive for $244,900.
NVR to Jay and Nichole Lindberg at 407 Black Bear Drive for $365,560.
Patrick Gallogly to Nicole McCune at 543 Brandywine Drive for $156,000.
Michael Karp to Erica and Richard Kozminski at 702 Doe Ridge for $134,900.
Erica Wiser to Christian and Megan Shane at 112 Eden Way Court for $243,000.
SCI Development Co. to NVR at Franklin Road for $130,000.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee to National Transfer Services at 219 Gate Dancer Drive for $413,000.
National Transfer Services to Michael and Loren Montalto at 219 Gate Dancer Drive for $413,000.
Kenneth Barbish to Lyle and Brea Sulfridge at 4328 Glen Eden Road for $274,000.
Sirva Relocation Properties to Robert Greaf at 236 Greenwood Drive for $187,500.
NVR to Todd and Susan Sant at 406 Hidden Meadow Drive for $542,157.
Jonathan McCune to Treven and Heather Kraus at 244 Jaclyn Drive for $265,000.
Michael Fantaski to David Senko at 202 Jacobs Court for $398,900.
Sherry Harris to Ronald Helmeci Jr. and Karen Helmeci at 116 McDonald Drive for $175,000.
Grant Burcham to Jason and Rachel Schulte at 205 Meadowbrook Drive for $316,000.
Ryan O’Rorke to Maureen Rooney at 75 Monmouth Drive for $158,000.
U.S. Bank NA trustee to John Darcangelo at 2100 Old Ehrman Road for $141,050.
Maronda Homes to Deborah Prazenica at 104 Raven Circle for $209,467.
Lisa Benton to Cartus Financial Corp. at 442 Settlers Village Circle for $450,000.
Cartus Financial Corp. to Bruce and Susan Mitchell at 442 Settlers Village Circle for $450,000.
Linda Faltenovich to Baby Saroja Ponnam at 122 Stockton Ridge for $157,900.
Richard Sean Parnell to George and Joanne Reynolds at 107 Stonefield Drive for $400,000.
Antonio Bugamelli to National Residential Nominee Services at 260 Strawberry Circle for $417,000.
National Residential Nominee Services to Kevin and Kathryn Hurley at 260 Strawberry Circle for $412,000.
Jason Lash to Sirva Relocation Credit at 111 Village Drive for $325,000.
Sirva Relocation Credit to Brian and Cathy Dowler at 111 Village Drive for $325,000.
Patrick Gill to Richard and Jennifer Scott at 122 Wayne Drive for $141,000.
Beau Bachman to Beau and Michele Bachman at 390 Oak Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $6,558).
Timothy Crawford to Runt Capital at 203 Cashdollar Road for $95,000.
Maronda Homes to Brian and Sasha Zavacky at 110 Naughton Circle for $277,369.
Maronda Homes to David and Sarah Paserba at 150 Naughton Circle for $254,291.
B. Scott Seidler to Michael Bupp and Deborah Alley at 217 Pflugh Road for $397,000.
Estate of Geraline Kelley to Michael Bupp and Deborah Alley at 217 Pflugh Road for $98,000.
Maronda Homes to James and Kimberly Leroy at 111 Hermitage Court for $265,603.
Daniel Fenechi to Paul Santmyer and Sherry Harris at 102 Hazel Lane for $298,000.
Thomas Davis to Norbert J. Belsterling Family Trust at 106 Southview Drive for $190,000.
John Kuszajewski to Mars Borough at 335 Clay Ave. for $100 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $199,403) by sheriff’s deed.
Eleanor Steele to Dustin Houpt at 229 Whitaker Road for $77,000.
NVR to Christopher and Andrea Hartman at 2064 Blackberry Lane for $357,730.
Brian Boyle to Gary and Jennifer Gottschalk at 141 Forsythe Road for $270,000.
Joseph Rockwell to Gregory Himme at 152 Old Glade Mill Road for $150,000.
Joanne Force to Andrew Charles and Trey Randall at 1373 Pittsburgh Road for $206,200.
Federal Home Loan Mortage Corp. to Frederick and Erin Harris at 107 Peaceful Lane for $235,000.
David McCahill et al. to Mountain Gathering at B&LE R.R. for $200 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $6,891) by sheriff’s deed.
David Balkey to Brian and Marjory Yeager at 209 Blackthorn Drive for $394,900.
Stefanie Christensen to Bradley and Casey Sarvey at 121 Oak Hills Manor for $158,000.
Richard Brewer to Kimberly Steighner at 146 Constitution Ave. for $179,900.
Donald Fischer to Henry Kowaleski at 705 Magnolia Court for $90,000.
Charles Irvin to Benjamin and Jamie Roberts at 509 Blackburn Court for $302,900.
Lloyd Eagal to Wayne Henchar and Robert Barbish at East Water Street for $59,900.
Sheldon Monroe to Michael and Suzanne Zieg at 211 Kelly Blvd. for $186,900.
Aaron Gregor to Jason Frances and Nicole Bollinger at 168 Brinker Road for $277,500.
Terrance Lantz to Harry and Amy Tebay at 115 Dittmer Road for $97,500.
Diane McGarvey to Diane McGarvey and Darrin Watson at 2101 Branchton Road for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $26,882).
Kimberly Burns to Jeffrey and Dawn Durnell at 743 Fairview Road for $163,000.
James Brewer to Craig Taylor and Lisa Fox at 365 Jones Road for $560,000.
John Allen Jr. to Amanda and William Zavindy at 524 Marwood Road for $26,000.
Patrick Scheer to Bonita Facciotti at 1035 West Park Road for $100,000.
William Kosegi to Grant and Kristen Burcham at 307 E. Beaver St. for $219,900.
Real estate transactions are provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. If any part of a listing is incorrect, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or You also should contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340.
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