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Published October 20, 2014

Series D Marketing to Brennan Builders at unknown address for $174,795.
Series D Marketing to Brennan Builders at unknown address for $174,795.
Danyna Marchese to Ryan Fasulkey at 223-5 Adams Pointe Blvd. for $124,000.
Estate of Gloria Ponce to Lorraine Novosel at 242-1 Adams Pointe Blvd. for $190,500.
Terry Lubinsky to Dolores Fuhrman at 214 Adams Pointe Blvd. 7 for $230,000.
Dolores Fuhrman to Robert and Lori Carlson at 9001 Audubon Drive for $430,000.
Raymond Meina to Carrie Semanco et al. and Richard Rittelmann at 8502 Club Side Drive for $220,000.
NVR to Colin and Amanda Gray at 209 Far View Lane for $381,505.
NVR to Meredith and Kevin Olszewski at 121 Granite Ridge Circle for $363,982.
Jeffrey Lee Martin to Michael and Michelle Dodson at 125 Majestic Drive for $275,000.
Travis Reges to Kim Cochenour and Hitoshi Kinoshita at 709 Norwegian Spruce Drive for $209,000.
Trudy Ludwiczak to John and Susanne Staudt at 791 Norwegian Spruce Drive for $219,000.
Jason Valant to Yadavendra and Asha Rajawat at 1057 Old Orchard Drive for $960,000.
Vista Ridge Estates to S&A Homes at Pinnacle Court for $95,500.
Taylor Ridge Assoc. to NVR at 210 Taylor Ridge Lane for $125,000.
Scott Letts to Tito and Amy Echiburu at 103 Trapp Rock Lane for $679,000.
Joseph Spangler to Jeremy and Lori Ann Arbutiski at 147 Julia Road for $485,000.
Curt Bellotti to Jeffrey and Jennifer Anderson at 194 Mesa Drive for $262,000.
Jacques Shilling to Jessica Young and Matthew Bonislawski at 211 Primrose Drive for $255,000.
Vonnie Neigh et al. to John and Karen Listisen at 135 First St. for $9,500.
William Hartle to Fang Chen at 108 Cleveland St. for $50,000.
Michael Andres to Christopher Pitzer and Emily Smith at 104 Clinton Ave. for $85,000.
Domenic DiDomenico to Megan Powell at 210 Highland Ave. for $89,260.
Joseph McKain III to Clair Boring at 143 N. Main St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $34,242).
Mary Ann Mohr to Timothy Mohr at 441 Ridge Ave. for $40,000.
Joe McKain to Clair Boring at 721 S. Main St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $31,353).
Donald Bergbigler to OBM Rentals at 143 Standard Ave. for $27,000.
Joyce Young to James Barbara at 1019 Center Ave. for $100,000.
Victor Brown Jr. to Brian Hasek at 119 Crossland Road for $160,000.
Jacqueline Deless to Community Care Connections at 124 David Drive for $146,500.
Richard Gall to Christopher Zedreck at 117 Morningside Drive for $155,000.
Mark Morrow to Household Finance Consumer Discount Co. at 1200 Oak Ridge Drive for $35,000 by sheriff’s deed.
Randall Raisley trustee to Christopher Pieri at 117 Plateau St. for $73,500.
Mildred Maker to Nathan Werner at 335 Young Ave. for $99,000.
Louis Grenci to Wade and Lindsay McCall at 119 Belleshire Drive for $295,000.
Scioto Construction Co. to Samuel Terlizzi at Brooksedge Drive for $20,000.
Scioto Construction Co. to Samuel Terlizzi at Brooksedge Drive for $15,000.
Cecil Crouch II to Douglas McKeever Jr. and Ashley Kelly at 322 N. Duffy Road for $178,600.
Walter Whitten Jr. to Christopher and Rhonda Tekely at 1301 Plantation Drive for $340,000.
Leslie Farms to Pitell Contracting at Cameron Square Drive for $45,000.
Sonoma Valley Partn. to Kenneth and Kristina Lavoie at 2024 Sonoma Valley Drive for $244,900.
Sonoma Valley Partn. to William Wahl and Linda Cypher at 2041 Sonoma Valley Drive for $244,900.
Ralph Swain Jr. to Lonald and Margaret Bradshaw at Timberlee Drive for $75,000.
Georgia Miller to Cecil Crouch III and Kelly Crouch at 133 Winterwood Drive for $280,000.
Philip Diemert et al. to Lauren Knezovich at 209 Benbrook Circle for $300,000.
Flash Point Partn. to NVR at 37 Burke Road for $245,000.
Dalhart Dobbs Jr. to Mark Fulton at 312 Cottingham Circle for $398,000.
Robert Shaheen to Kennth and Joann Polk at 220 D’Orsay Drive for $481,000.
Timothy Carter to Stephen and Lisa Barnett at 314 Greenfield Court for $292,000.
Nicholas Bakios to Bradley and Elizabeth Field at 143 Hunter Drive for $464,900.
Richard Donaldson Jr. to Douglas Spirelis at 9275 Marshall Road for $290,000.
Daniel Tasota to Christopher Marnik Jr. and Dena Marnik at 747 Skyview Drive for $235,000.
Fred Nelson to Cartus Financial Corp. at 122 Southridge Drive for $440,000.
Cartus Financial Corp. to Ibrahim and Rula Khoury at 122 Southridge Drive for $440,000.
Jared Yocum to Brittany and Lewis Minett at 317 Wealdstone Road for $256,500.
Vanina Delobelle to Keith and Gina Tagliaferri at 76 Winterbrook Drive for $375,000.
Beth Meiser to TMNL at 406 Woodcock Drive for $115,000.
Robert Gray to Shelley Zoelle at 146 Leisie Road for $249,000.
Joan Sorce to Jeffery and Nicole Ansell at 292 Leisie Road for $250,000.
Maronda Homes to Terry Walker Jr. and Courtney Walker at 136 Naughton Circle for $307,915.
Justin Paris to Rick and Karan Dodson at 417 Isle Road for $331,500.
Leatha Ranson to Terry and Gaye Mack at 447 Houston St. for $43,000.
Larry Scheidemantle to Torrey Frederick and Olga Kiryanova at 120 Hilltop Lane for $285,000.
Ricky Relyea to MM&L Family L.P. at 544 Little Creek Road for $475,000.
Lindsey Maloskey to Gannon Krebs and Kristen Babyak at 238 Overbrook Road for $182,000.
Christopher Meder to Chris and Lonie Compton at 309 Hunters Hill Road for $275,000.
Jeffrey Sinz to Joseph Cranmer at Butler Chicora Road for $11,000.
Jeffrey Sinz to Eric and Neva Marsh at 405 Chicora Road for $27,000.
William McDonough to William McDonough at 110 Railroad St. for $49,300.
Ketih Tagliaferri to Donald and Patricia Flickinger at 809 Wellington Drive for $327,000.
Jean Kovach to Edward and Amber Grey at 943 Herman Road for $130,000.
Chester Judge to Clint McFeaters at 1924 Branchton Road for $89,900.
Kurt Wolf to Kolby Durci at 349 Stoney Hollow Road for $157,000.
Toni Wright to Deborah Habig at 303 Furnace Drive for $220,000.
Robert Ratkus to N. Dodge Jr. trustee at 115 Oakdale Drive for $284,900.
N. Dodge Jr. trustee to Eric and Anna Ezzolo at 115 Oakdale Drive for $284,900.
Nathan Steele to Jeremy Hill at 200 Pine St. for $159,000.
Anneke Theis et al. to Jeffrey and Liinda Labas at Route 19 for $30,000.
Real estate transactions are provided by RealSTATs, 1911 E. Carson St., Pittsburgh. If you think any part of a listing is incorrect, contact RealSTATs at 412-381-3880 or You also should contact the Butler County Recorder of Deeds at 724-284-5340.
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