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Turkey plays key role in possible global unrest
Keep your eye on Turkey. The moderate Islamic democracy is surrounded by global mayhem and its long-standing friendship with the United States is fraying. A quick look at a map of the Middle East confirms Turkey’s geographic position in the eye of a perfect geopolitical storm.
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Letters to the Editor

Who deserves better?
Columnist Michael Smerconish in the June 30 edition complains that the president deserves better treatment. Really? I thought the people of this nation deserve better treatment.
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Enforce noise laws
If you live in Butler Township and have any concern over noise from local bars you should plan to attend the Butler Township meeting on tonight (July 6) at 6:30 p.m.
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Stand firm on nuclear inspections
President Obama warned Iran’s ayatollahs on Tuesday that he was ready to walk away from a nuclear deal if Tehran won’t agree to tough measures to prevent cheating.
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