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Our Opinion | September 20, 2014
Cheers & Jeers ...
Raise the Jolly Roger for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Last week, the United Way of Butler County accepted a check for $83,000 — that's $1,000 for each of the 83 games so far in 2014 that the Pirates played without committing an error.

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Our Opinion | September 19, 2014
Mergers, doubt sparked by ACA, changing health care economics
This week’s news that the Jameson Health System in New Castle intends to merge with the Pittsburgh-based health care giant, UPMC, came on the same day as a story in the New York Times reporting that the Federal Trade Commission is challenging some hospital mergers on the grounds that consumers will be hurt by increased industry consolidation.

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Our Opinion | September 18, 2014
VA should move carefully, but move now on hospital
Finally, that fishy smell is lifting from Deshon Woods site in Butler Township, nearly a year and a half after a federal indictment involving the property’s owner put the brakes on a $70 million contract to build a VA medical center there.

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Our Opinion | September 17, 2014
Giving military gear to police raises issues beyond Ferguson
The nation’s attention has shifted to fighting ISIS in the Middle East and controlling the deadly Ebola virus in Africa. But it’s worth keeping up with issues raised by the August confrontations between protestors and police in Ferguson, Mo., and the militarization of police across much of the United States.

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Our Opinion | September 16, 2014
Pope declares ‘piecemeal’ WWIII already under way
Two very different recent stories from respected international news sources received less attention than they merit. Both reports have to do with war and religion; separately, they are cause for concern; together, they should cause grave alarm over diminishing prospects for international peace and security.

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Our Opinion | September 15, 2014
Pa. could look to Rhode Island for real pension reform ideas
Less than eight weeks from the Nov. 4 election, Gov. Tom Corbett says if he’s reelected he will call a special session of the Legislature to work on pension reform. His election pledge, reported in a Philadelphia newspaper, sounds like a case of too little, too late. Corbett trails Tom Wolf, his Democratic challenger, by about 15 percentage points in polls.

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