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January 24, 2015
Clams are so easy to cook They tell you when they're done
Just about all of the traditional dishes served at feasts celebrating the Chinese New Year — which this year falls on Feb. 19 — symbolize something wonderful to come. Round foods in particular are rich with meaning, their coin-like shape considered a nod to prosperity.
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January 24, 2015
Mushroom, sausage soup easy to warm up to
Most people think that for a soup to be good it has to cook for hours. This would be difficult for a midweek dinner when you come home late and are in a hurry.
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January 17, 2015
Party this Super Bowl with homemade jerky
Sure, you'll have some guacamole and some chips and some chicken wings. And a plate of nachos isn't a bad idea, either. But how about something to set your Super Bowl spread apart?
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January 10, 2015
A simple, healthy lentil salad tastes anything but
When I was in high school, my parents took my sisters and me to Paris. That trip shaped me in so many ways, most of them culinary.
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January 10, 2015
High heat turns cabbage into a dinnertime winner
My grandmother, who lived to be 92, always said the key to her good health was that whenever possible, she ate cabbage. Now if that isn't a motto worth needlepointing somewhere, I don't know what is...
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January 3, 2015
However you say it, Chicken in a pot is wonderful
Chicken in a pot. Not a very romantic name, I'll admit. Luckily, the French have the more melodic “poule au pot” to fill that gap for this utterly delicious dish.
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