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Poll for 06/09/2014
How many hours of the World Cup soccer coverage will you watch?
Number of votes cast: 329

Poll for 05/14/2014
Who deserves the most criticism for the Pengins playoff failure?
Number of votes cast: 319

Poll for 04/07/2014
The Sunnyview sale is done. Should the profits be used to
Number of votes cast: 356

Poll for 03/13/2014
Which team has the best chance to win the NCAA Basketball Championship?
Number of votes cast: 144

Poll for 03/05/2014
Is there a real reason to fear Russia and a re-start of the cold war?
Number of votes cast: 193

Poll for 02/04/2014
Advertisers spent tens of millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads. Which was your favorite?
Number of votes cast: 404

Poll for 01/17/2014
Did the start of Obama-Care have any impact on your life?
Number of votes cast: 347